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Our litigation attorneys are skilled advocates with decades of experience in all areas of dispute resolution. We can assist you in carefully evaluating your options and bringing your dispute to a cost-effective resolution.

Our litigation attorneys practice in all areas of dispute resolution, including trial and appellate litigation in Colorado, Arizona and California, arbitration and mediation hearings, and administrative and regulatory proceedings. Our attorneys' experience includes arguing court decisions on appeal — we have successfully argued cases before the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Colorado Supreme Court, and the 9th and 10th Circuit Courts of Appeals.

We carefully analyze our clients' cases at the outset and identify potential options and risks of each course of action, working closely with our clients to achieve their objectives in a cost-effective manner. We specialize in commercial business litigation and real estate disputes due to our attorneys' extensive and significant transactional expertise in these areas. Previous clients have included individuals, business owners, corporations, real estate brokers, and commercial and residential landlords or tenants.

Our previous business litigation cases have ranged from routine business disputes to complex litigation involving multiple claims. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract claims, trade secret litigation, corporate disputes involving shareholders, officers and directors, partnership and joint venture disputes, general commercial claims, employment claims (including employee wrongful discharge and harassment claims), and enforcement of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.

We also provide dispute resolution assistance in all types of real estate disputes, including mechanic's liens, construction defects, construction site accident, landlord-tenant, environmental, entitlement, governmental processing, brokerage law and broker defense litigation, real estate contract disputes, and title matters. Our attorneys have also been retained as local counsel to represent businesses and persons that have been sued or that need to file lawsuits in our jurisdictions. We work closely with primary counsel to seek dismissals or jurisdictional transfers when appropriate. If the case stays in our local jurisdictions, we work with the primary counsel to process pro hac vice applications, and handle all local filings through trial, and appeals, if necessary.

Our litigation team's substantial trial experience and our attorneys' expertise in alternative dispute resolution will assist you in carefully evaluating your options and bringing your dispute to the most cost-effective resolution.

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